Building information technology

ESELEOS S.L. offers technology consulting services, including advisory services, transformation, content creation and educational training.

We place a high emphasis on adapting our methodology and services taking into account our clients unique needs and objectives, offering user friendly state-of-the-art solutions.


How can we help?

At Eseleos we create technological solutions adapted to your needs. Below you can see our main areas of work and the main services we offer that can empower you to achieve your ideas or projects:

Technological Consulting

The entire Eseleos team is made up of engineers who will work on your projects to advise you and help you with any idea you have in mind.


IT Transformation

At Eseleos we help you by leading your companies digital transformation, call us and we will plan how to start your technological revolution.


Educational Training

Discover our training programs or guide us to create your personalized training courses. Our bestseller in blockchain and full stack programming stands out because it was created specifically for companies. 


Project Management

You can trust us to manage your projects or teams, we can adapt to your methodology or propose the most agile solutions for your business.


Software Developers

Do you have an idea but don’t know how to carry it out? We help you to set up the application or website you need to make your project a reality.


Blockchain Advisories

Blockchain is the most innovative technology in the market, our employees are experts in the sector and will be able to advise you and create the most optimal solutions for your projects.


Our Clients

Eseleos team

Carla Brugulat


Telecommunications engineer and director of IT projects, passionate about agile methodologies for project management and taking care of all the details in deliveries.

Rafael Genés


Telecommunications and Informatics engineer. DevOps expert with several years of experience in bank security level systems and production-ready architectures.

Diana Yarlequé


Industrial Engineer with a postgraduate degree in Marketing and Full Stack Technologies. Knowledge in web design and experience in frontend development.

Edmon Bosch i Bosch


Graduate in Software Applications and student in Master in Blockchain Technologies. Interested in web development, smart contracts and research.

Óscar Pérez


Telecommunications engineer and Full stack developer. Focused on simplicity and resolutive solutions.

Jesús Vico


Telecommunications engineer student interested in decentralized services, peer-to-peer networking and cloud computing.

Àlex Duran


Mathematician interested in algebraic geometry and number theory, with an emphasis on elliptic curves and their applications in cryptography.

Marc Cosgaya


Informatics engineer and student in Master in Cybersecurity. Interested in blockchain and alternative open-source technology.

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